Rush Health ACO Inc.

We are pleased to announce that Rush Health ACO (Accountable Care Organization) was approved to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program to provide Medicare beneficiaries access to high-quality, coordinated care beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

Rush Health's pursuit and participation in the Medicare Shared Savings Program is directly aligned with our mission to engage patients, consumers, hospitals, physicians and other health care providers in a shared commitment to improving quality, efficiency and achieving better health outcomes. Medicare beneficiaries will continue to have the freedom to choose their health care providers. Our goal is to ensure continuity, coordinated care and communication with a focus to improve the overall experience for our patients.

This page provides important information for the public about Rush Health ACO Inc. For general questions or additional information about Accountable Care Organizations, please visit or call 1-800 MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.

ACO Name and Location
Rush Health ACO Inc.
1645 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 501
Chicago, IL 60612

ACO Primary Contact
Joyce Colton, MPH, RN, MSN

Organizational Information
ACO Participants
Download the Participant List

ACO Participants in Joint Ventures between ACO Professionals and Hospitals
ACO participants involved in a joint venture are identified by a "Y" next to their names on the Participant List.

ACO Governing Body
Board of Directors
Robert DeCresce, MD, Voting Member and Chair, ACO Participant, University Pathologist Diagnostics SC
Bill Douglas, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Riverside Medical Center
Patti O’Neal, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Rush University Medical Center
Charles Bush-Joseph, MD, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush
Sanjay Chatrath, DO, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Riverside Health System
Don Childs, MD, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Rush Oak Park Physicians Group Family Medicine
Daniel Dunham, MD, MPH, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Rush University Medical Center
Bruce Elegant, MPH, FACHE, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Rush Oak Park Hospital
Stephen Kelanic, MD, FACS, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Rush Copley Medical Group, NFP
Richa Gupta, MBBS, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Rush University Medical Center
John Diederich, MA, MBA, FACHE, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Rush Copley Medical Center
Larry Goodman, MD, Voting Member, Interim Medicare Beneficiary Representative
Wayne Keathley, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Rush University Medical Center

ACO Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership
Anthony Del Rio, ACO President
Brian Stein, MD, ACO Medical Director and Chief Quality Officer
Ardag Hajinazarian, Compliance Officer

ACO Committees and Committee Leadership
Finance & Audit Committee: Patti O’Neal, Chair and Brian Forsythe, Vice Chair
Performance Standards Committee: Nadeem Ansari, Chair
Incentive Design Committee: James Grana, Ph.D., Chair
Quality Sub-Committee: Catherine Koop, MD, Chair

Types of ACO Participants or Combinations of Participants that Formed the ACO
Networks of individual practices of ACO professionals
Partnerships or joint venture arrangements between hospitals and ACO professionals
Hospital employing ACO professionals

Shared Savings and Losses
Amount of Shared Savings/Losses
  • First Agreement Period
    • Performance Year 2019, $6,533,116
Shared Savings Distribution
  • First Agreement Period
    • Performance Year 2019
      • Proportion invested in infrastructure: 38%
      • Proportion invested in redesigned care processes/resources: 31%
      • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants: 31%

Quality Performance Results
2019 Quality Performance Results:
ACO # Measure Name Rate ACO Mean
ACO-1CAHPS: Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and Information89.8985.86
CAHPS: How Well Your Providers Communicate96.9994.11
CAHPS: Patients' Rating of Provider95.6692.69
CAHPS: Access to Specialists82.1481.54
CAHPS: Health Promotion and Education73.4160.44
CAHPS: Shared Decision Making66.5962.78
ACO-7CAHPS: Health Status/Functional Status75.5673.79
Risk Standardized, All Condition Readmission15.0614.86
Falls: Screening for Future Fall Risk90.4484.04
Preventive Care and Screening: Influenza Immunization87.2174.77
Preventive Care and Screening: Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention90.4878.04
Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Depression and Follow-up Plan81.4770.40
Colorectal Cancer Screening70.4470.76
Breast Cancer Screening75.0073.84
Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c Poor Control (>9%)10.5113.88
Controlling High Blood Pressure76.9575.04
CAHPS: Stewardship of Patient Resources29.1826.17
All-Cause Unplanned Admissions for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions64.9358.15
Depression Remission at Twelve Months25.6113.58
Ambulatory Sensitive Condition Acute Composite (AHRQ* Prevention Quality Indicator (PQI #91))2.031.87
CAHPS: Courteous and Helpful Office Staff95.7692.84
CAHPS: Care Coordination91.4386.89

Please note, the ACO-40 Depression Remission at 12 months quality measure is not included in public reporting due to low sample size.

Note: In the Quality Performance Results file(s) above, search for "Rush Health ACO Inc." to view the quality performance results. This ACO can also be found by using the ACO ID A3822 in the public use files on

Payment Rule Waivers
No, our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.