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It brings me great pleasure to announce that this year we are celebrating Rush Health’s 25th anniversary. As one of Chicago’s first clinically integrated networks, Rush Health’s physicians, hospitals and other providers have worked hard to continually achieve high standards of health care delivery.

Since its inception, Rush Health has developed, monitored and maintained productive relationships with third-party payers to provide as many channels as possible for patients to access providers in the network. We have also supported our member providers to be successful in payer contracts, meeting new expectations and requirements that have surfaced related to quality, outcomes, and total cost of care. To support this, we have developed innovative tools and services along the way. This will continue to be Rush Health’s core mission in the future.

Over the last two and a half decades, Rush Health has experienced tremendous success, demonstrated by a strong portfolio of insurance contracts. This has included negotiation of competitive contractual payment arrangements with all major payers. In 2018, the contract portfolio managed by Rush Health represented $1.7 billion in net revenues. For over 10 years, these contracts have also included performance-based bonus opportunities for achieving industry-recognized quality targets, making Rush Health and its providers early leaders in the drive towards value-based healthcare. Over the history of the clinical integration program, Rush Health’s network has earned in excess of $150M in incentive payments. In 2018, our providers’ performance scores reached an all-time high, attaining at least the 90th percentile on the majority of the annual performance measures.

These successes have facilitated expansion of the network to new geographies. At its founding in 1994, Rush Health was comprised of only Rush University Medical Center and the physicians on its medical staff. Today, Rush Health also includes Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, and Rush Oak Park Hospital, along with more than 1,900 physicians and advanced practice providers. We continue to expand the network, including active, fruitful discussions with other local providers which we hope to conclude in coming months. Continued growth opens additional doors of opportunity for all our providers to participate in more networks, diversify revenue streams, and more effectively shape the nature of our contractual relationships with third-party payers.

Looking back at the history of Rush Health, we can all be proud of how far we have come and the impact we have made in the last 25 years. Looking towards the future and the market’s continuous shift to value-based care, Rush Health and our providers are well-positioned to provide tremendous value to the patients who access the network every day.

- Brent Estes, President/CEO